What is Cremation?

There are many final resting options available when your loved one passes away, and cremation is an alternate option to traditional burial services. Recently cremation has become a popular option, but there still may be some confusion as to what exactly happens during cremation, what it involves and why it might be a preferred option.

golden pewter urnWhat is cremation, exactly?

The cremation process is one where fire reduces the body of the deceased to ash and small bone fragments. The end product is collected and can be given to the family in a decorative urn of their choosing. Cremation can be a more budget-friendly option for end of life services and may allow for more service options or an extended timeline before services are held.

How does cremation work?

Cremation is a process of preparing the remains of a person who has died. Most people think of cremation as only the burning of a body, when in reality that is only the first part of a two-part process. Any crematorium in Ontario built after 1998 must have a CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring System) installed to monitor emissions.  The minimum temperature for cremation in Ontario is 1800 F.  What is left behind is the bones of the deceased. The second part of the cremation process is that the bones are then placed in a processor where they are ground down to the consistency of granular. So, what we commonly call a person’s ashes, are not technically ashes at all but rather they are bone fragments. Once processed, the remains are placed into a container of the family’s choice and then given to the family.

Who can make cremation arrangements?

In Ontario, only certain people have the legal authority to decide what happens to the deceased.  These are, in order of priority:

  • An Estate Trustee
  • A Spouse
  • Adult Children
  • Parents of the Deceased

An Estate Trustee must provide proof of authority such as a will or court order, along with photo ID.

What documentation is required for cremation?

Once we verify that you have the legal authority to go ahead with the cremation, all remaining documentation required for cremation in Ontario is handled by us.  Paperwork handled by us includes obtaining the medical certificate of death, filling out the statement of death, registering the death with the local municipality and getting the burial permit required for cremation.

The Medical Certificate of Death is a form issued by the coroner or attending doctor and outlines the cause of death.

A Statement of Death is a form that we complete with you, and it contains information about the deceased’s family history, age at death and place of death.

Both the Statement of Death and the Medical Certificate of Death are needed before we can register the death with the municipality of London, Ontario.

How long does cremation take?

It depends on the size of the body, but most cremations take between two and three hours.

Can we still have a visitation with cremation?

If your loved one has selected cremation services, you can still have a visitation for those who wish to say their goodbyes in person. When choosing cremation, you have the option of having cremation take place before or after any services.

If you select direct cremation, the body will not be embalmed and will go directly to be cremated. This option does not allow for a visitation service, but in working with A. Millard George Funeral Home you can select the service you, or your loved one, want to have.

Why should we choose cremation?

Making final arrangements is a very personal choice, and if your loved one didn’t make any indication as to what their final wishes were before passing away, you might feel unsure of making this choice. Families or individuals select cremation for several reasons: lower cost, simplified arrangements and flexible service arrangements.

Affordable Cremation Services – Traditional burial services can add up very quickly regarding cost, and this might not be the best choice for your family. Cremation is not a complete substitute for memorial or end of life celebration services; it is a simplified burial process that is an alternative to the traditional burial service.

What happens after the cremation process?

The remains will be gathered and put into an urn that the family has purchased. There are many options when it comes to choosing an urn: the family can select one that best represents the deceased, some have an option to place a photo or engrave a name on the outside or family members are able to bring something in from home that would be suitable. The options are completely up to the family, or your loved one may have selected their own urn before passing.

When the remains are returned to the family, they may choose to keep them in the urn in an important place, to spread the ashes in a place that’s meaningful to the deceased or bury them in a cemetery.

If you are considering cremation, we can help you with all of the options and decisions, and guide you through the process to determine the best option for services and final arrangements for your loved one.

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