CREMATION LONDON & MIDDLESEX INC. • 60 Ridout Street South, London, Ontario •

Cremation London
& Middlesex

Transfer Service Operator - Class 1, Licence Number TS-1097


Welcome to Cremation London

Cremation London & Middlesex Inc. was created to provide the least expensive option in direct cremation or burial services available for your loved one. Our goal was to eliminate as many staff services as possible, and to limit the use of our facility, so that we can be the most cost-effective cremation services option available in London and Middlesex County.

Cremation London & Middlesex Inc is a Class 1 Transfer Service.  Under this licence we are permitted to transfer a human body from the place of death to a holding room, visitation, ceremony, cemetery or crematorium. Prior to that, we are permitted to prepare a deceased by washing, applying a disinfectant externally, setting its features and placing it into a casket.
However, we may not offer arterial embalming.

An Operator, Agent or Employee of a Transfer Service is not permitted to arrange, coordinate, conduct or participate in a visitation, funeral or any other ceremony where human remains (including cremated remains) are present. This would include such things as graveside services.