Cremation London Services


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Professional Fee – $400.00

Arrangement consultation with licensed funeral director, which may include but is not limited to coordination and scheduling of details for cremation services and administration.

Transfer From Place Of Death – $250.00

Staff use of vehicle and related equipment from place of death to A. Millard George Funeral Home, within 25km, $1.45/km both ways if required to leave city limits. (Additional charges may apply if death occurs from home or long-term care facility. See “Removals” below).

Transfer To Crematorium or Cemetery – $250.00

Staff use of vehicle and related equipment to crematorium or cemetery in the City of London.

Facilities – $150.00

For preparation/shelter of the deceased.

Documentation – $200.00

Prepare all required documentation.

Cardboard Container (Used for cremation only) – $155.00

See additional pricing on our selection of available caskets for burial purposes

Subtotal – $1,405.00

HST (13%) – $182.65

Disbursement & Other Fees

Coroners Fee – $75.00

Municipal Registration Fee – $40.00 ($75.00 if death occurs outside of the City of London)

Cremation Southwest Crematoriums$519.80
Standard cremation under 350lbs, including container and deceased.

Total with HST – $2,222.45

Cremation Fees – Included (unless not using Southwest Crematoriums, then billed directly by crematorium)

Cemetery Burial Fees – At Cost (billed directly to you by the cemetery)

Additional Charges That May Apply

Newspaper Notice – At Cost

Pacemaker Removal $75.00

Refrigeration – $100.00

Used when the deceased must stay at the funeral home, prior to cremation or burial (storage for up to 3 days)

Removals – $150.00 per person

Charged when the deceased dies at a residence, nursing home, or anywhere requiring more than one person to complete the removal

Identification/Time of Reflection – $125.00

An additional fee of $150.00 for an autopsy will apply

Create and insert the newspaper notice to the paper of your choice (newspaper charges extra)

Administration Vehicle – $125.00

Used to pick-up the cremated remains and deliver them to your home

Orders of Service – $85.00

100 orders of service (all information must be received 24 hours prior to service)

Aftercare Program – $180.00

Complete Canada Pension Plan – Death Benefit and submit to the Government (we will provide you with a detailed list of who should be contacted after a death)

Stationary – $220.00

Register, Thank You Cards (50), In memoriams (80), Pen (extra thank you cards $25 for 25)

Honourariums – various fees per individual

Family to look after all honourariums

Velvet Bag For Urn – $20.00

Shipping Cremated Remains – At cost

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