Basic Cremation Services


Professional Fee

Arrangement consultation with licensed funeral director, which may include but is not limited to
coordination and scheduling of details for cremation services and


Transfer From Place Of Death

Staff use of vehicle and related equipment from place of death to A. Millard George Funeral
Home, within 25km, $1.45/km both ways if required to leave city limits. (Additional charges may apply if
death occurs from home or long-term care facility. See “Removals” below).


Transfer To Crematorium or Cemetery

Staff use of vehicle and related equipment to crematorium or cemetery in the City of London.



For preparation/shelter of the deceased.



Prepare all required documentation.


Cardboard Container

See additional pricing on our selection of available caskets for burial purposes






Disbursement & Other Fees

Coroners Fee


Municipal Registration Fee


($75.00 if death occurs outside of the City of London)

Cremation Southwest


Cremation Fees


(unless not using Southwest Crematoriums, then billed directly by crematorium)

Cemetery Burial Fees

At Cost

(billed directly to you by the cemetery)

Total With HST


Additional Charges That May Apply

Newspaper Notice

Create and insert the newspaper notice to the paper of your choice (newspaper charges extra)

At Cost

Pacemaker Removal



Used when the deceased must stay at the funeral home, prior to cremation or burial (storage for up to 3


Removals – Second Person Assist

Charged when the deceased dies at a residence, nursing home, or anywhere requiring more than one person
to complete the removal


per person

Identification/Time of Reflection


An additional fee of $150.00 for an autopsy will apply

Administration Vehicle

Used to pick-up the cremated remains and deliver them to your home


Orders of Service

100 orders of service (all information must be received 24 hours prior to service)


Aftercare Program

Complete Canada Pension Plan – Death Benefit and submit to the Government (we will provide you with a
detailed list of who should be contacted after a death)



Register, Thank You Cards (50), In memoriams (80), Pen (extra thank you cards $25 for 25)



Family to look after all honourariums

Various Fees

per individual

Velvet Bag For Urn


Shipping Cremated Remains

At cost

Website Information Added


Casket Selection

Toledo PC – Standard

Particle board, blue plain cloth finish, white silk interior, DR220-00040 Victoriaville


Diamond PC – Standard

Poplar, natural, white crepe interior, 50-479-01 Victoriaville


Glencove Container – Standard

Select wood, maple wood grain finish, basic white taffeta interior, CR879-00033 Victoriaville


Combo Tray – Standard

Reinforced cardboard sides, lid, wood base, CR199-00007 Victoriaville


Urn Selection

Metal Urns

Blue Flowers

Metal, floral design, Victoriaville US450-00001


Gold Pewter

Metal, golden finish, Victoriaville US840-00020


Pewter Black

Metal, radiant black finish, Victoriaville US210-00020


Going Home

Metal, bird theme, Victoriaville US210-00017


Rustic Bronze

Metal, rustic bronze finish, Victoriaville US430-05200


Rustic Starlite

Metal, blue finish, Victoriaville US430-05201


Milano Pink

Metal, pink finish, Victoriaville US210-00013


Select Standard

Brass Sheet, perma lock system, Victoriaville US435-00451


Antique Thamesford

Light Metal, antique finish, Gravure-Craft Ltd.


Biodegradable Urns

Unity Earthurn

Heart, paper, Victoriaville US899-00003


Journey Earthurn

Water Urn, Victoriaville US899-30102


Scattering Tubes

Dove, Victoriaville US830-30041
Ocean, Victoriaville US830-30041
The 19th Hole, Victoriaville US899-20025
Silver Lining, Victoriaville US830-30032

$85.00 each

Wood Urns


Cherry, polished finish, Victoriaville US105-00243



Oak, polished finish, Victoriaville US110-200006


Cross Oak

Oak, satin finish, Victoriaville US110-200006



Ash, shaded saffron, Victoriaville US130-00274



Poplar, earth tone finish, Victoriaville US150-00276


Basic Wood

Wood, Victoriaville US199-20006


Picture Urn

Poplar, cherry satin finish, Victoriaville US899-20013



Bamboo, satin finish, Victoriaville US199-20011


Grey Wood

Wood, grey colour satin finish, Victoriaville US199-200007


Marble & Cultured Marble Urns

2 Piece Heart Companion

Cultured marble ivory heart, Fabhaven


Pearl White

Genuine solid marble, white, Sentiments Unlimited 1104


Cultured Marble

Cultured marble, rectangular, eboytone, Victoriaville, US335-20002, Greytone, Victoriaville

$315.00 each

Plastic Urn


Grey Plastic, Victoriaville US810-00479


Keepsake Selections

Blue Flowers

Metal, floral finish, Victoriaville UK450-00012



Metal, black, Victoriaville UK84-30025


Going Home

Metal, bird theme, Victoriaville UK210-05201


Rustic Starlite Heart

Metal, Blue heart, Victoriaville UK430-05203


Rustic Bronze Heart

Metal, brown heart, Victoriaville UK430-02801


Pearl White – Memento Urn

Marble, white, Sentiments Unlimited 3104


Fingerprint Jewlery and Ornaments

Oval Pendant with chain 18″

Sterling Silver, Eternity’s Touch


Flat Heart Pendant with chain 18″

Sterling Silver, Eternity’s Touch


Cross Pendant with chain 18″

Sterling Silver, Eternity’s Touch


Memory Tag with ball chain 20″

Sterling Silver, Eternity’s Touch


Class Ornaments

Oval or Heart, Eternity’s Touch


When my wife passed away I was very distraught when the hospital told me I needed to inform them where I would like her body sent to. I had no idea how to proceed. I really lucked out when I found these very kind Souls on the internet. Bailey and the rest of the staff we're very informed and professional and helped me through all the steps that I needed to take. They also put all the information in a nice folder that came in handy for all the other paperwork that I needed for the lawyer, Etc. I would highly recommend them.
At a time when decisions are difficult turn to the kind staff at Cremation London. I lost someone very close to me. Cremation London was knowledgeable, helpful and extremely accommodating.
Amazing! I can not be any more happy with the professional, caring and compassionate service we received . Kelly was PERFECT!!! I feel we have become FRIENDS after dealing with the most tragic experience of losing a family member so suddenly. That shows her true caring heart. She went beyond expectations!
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