About Cremation London & Middlesex Inc.

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Cremation London & Middlesex Inc. was created to provide the least expensive option in direct cremation or burial available. Our goal was to eliminate as many staff services as possible, and to limit the use of our facility, so that we can be the most cost effective cremation services option available in London and Middlesex County.

What We Do

  • A Funeral Director will meet with the executor/family to sign all legal documents
  • Transfer your loved one from the place of death to our facility
  • Register the death with the City of London
  • Contact the Coroner, if needed for simple cremation
  • Book the cremation or cemetery on your behalf
  • Transfer your loved one to the crematorium or cemetery of your choice

Low-Cost Cremation

Our direct cremation cost includes:

  • basic direct cremation only (no embalming, no viewing, no service)
  • transportation of your loved one from the place of death to our facility
  • government fees and taxes for direct cremation

For an exact breakdown, please view our Cremation Services page.

For $2,222.45, you can have basic direct cremation. An urn is not factored into the final cost as your loved one’s final resting spot is a personal decision. We do, however, offer a wide variety of urns at different price points, including wooden, biodegradable, metal, plastic, marble urns and keepsake jewelry.

Celebration of Life Services

If you are considering having a service or ceremony to celebrate the life that was lived, we can assist you with venue options.

Cremation is not a replacement for a funeral, but it is a viable option for burial and can expand your service options. It allows you to have a body present during the visitation and service, followed by cremation, allowing you to select both a casket and an urn.

Our low-cost cremation services also permit you to have cremation first, then a visitation or memorial ceremony, which means you can select an urn that represents your loved one and utilize it as the focal point for a photograph. Please check with your funeral director to see if you have something at home that could be used as an urn to honour your loved one, such as a toolbox, handbag, tackle box, or wine bottle.

Audio and video equipment to livestream memorials and funeral ceremonies are available at our on-site chapel or an alternative location of your choice.

For further information about a specific service, view our London Ontario Obituaries listings page.

Cremation London & Middlesex Inc. is a subsidiary of A. Millard George Funeral Home Limited.

If you would like more information, contact us directly at 519-858-2467 or email at info@cremationlondon.com

When my wife passed away I was very distraught when the hospital told me I needed to inform them where I would like her body sent to. I had no idea how to proceed. I really lucked out when I found these very kind Souls on the internet. Bailey and the rest of the staff we're very informed and professional and helped me through all the steps that I needed to take. They also put all the information in a nice folder that came in handy for all the other paperwork that I needed for the lawyer, Etc. I would highly recommend them.
At a time when decisions are difficult turn to the kind staff at Cremation London. I lost someone very close to me. Cremation London was knowledgeable, helpful and extremely accommodating.
Amazing! I can not be any more happy with the professional, caring and compassionate service we received . Kelly was PERFECT!!! I feel we have become FRIENDS after dealing with the most tragic experience of losing a family member so suddenly. That shows her true caring heart. She went beyond expectations!
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